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Timeless stories transcend time and space,

touching people with the hope,

fear and love rooted in our discovery

of metaphysical truths.

they become part of us,

inspiring us to seek.


We develop and deliver powerful

content to a global audience,

fostering greater


and creating a more connected world







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Karam Hinduja is the founder and CEO of Timeless Media, a diversified media company.

The mission of Timeless is to create and deliver powerful content to an engaged audience. Karam built it with the vision of fostering greater consciousness, empathy and inspiration, and inviting people to a more connected world.

Karma – the first digital media brand developed by Timeless – is a platform for leading opinion and analysis on the global trends shaping the key industries of today and tomorrow. Going beyond daily news, Karma delivers actionable insights to the most creative, strategic and purpose-driven investors and entrepreneurs.

Karam's passion for investing in the media industry stems from his affinity for independent film and music, honed early in his career when he wrote screenplays and produced original tracks. Before launching Timeless, Karam studied Political Science at Columbia University.

As the grandson of noted entrepreneur and philanthropist Srichand P. Hinduja, Karam maintains a strong connection to his family's Indian roots. He works closely alongside his grandfather and SP’s daughters: Shanu Hinduja, the Chair of Hinduja Bank Switzerland, and Vinoo Hinduja, who directs the award-winning P.D. Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. Playing an active role in the family's diversified global business – with a seat on the board at Hinduja Bank Switzerland and Hinduja Bank Middle East – Karam also leads new business initiatives in the fields of finance and healthcare.


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Karma is a content destination for the most creative investors and entrepreneurs to access dedicated private market news and opinion from trusted sources in order to evaluate opportunity and risk more effectively, and build smarter strategies for advancement of people, planet and profit.

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